Local Woman Brings Community Together for Senior

A Fort McMurray senior is enjoying a new electric wheelchair thanks to the efforts of a local Good Samaritan.

Melissa Gladue, who volunteers to help the elderly through the St. Aiden’s society learned that a senior she works with became housebound after her mobility scooter broke down.

Over the winter, Gladue raised over $10,000 towards the purchase of a new electric wheelchair for the golden ager.

Gladue began her fundraising efforts by organizing bottle drives and soliciting contributions from her acquaintances and relatives.

By February 23rd, she had accumulated approximately $6,000, and by mid-April she surpassed $11,000 in donations.

Thursday was the big day. To the cheers of onlookers and the delight of the recipient, Eco Medical Equipment dropped off the new electric wheelchair.

“It was so exciting,” said Melissa Gladue.

“I am still in shock with the support that came from this… It raised a lot of awareness and got families involved in volunteering”.

The elder took her first spin in the new set of wheels and remarked how the experience and newfound mobility uplifted her.

“I was in such a low place, and I didn’t think I could get out of it,” said the wheelchair recipient.

Gladue presented the woman with a card signed by many of the donors and volunteers. Printed in large black letters at the top of the card, “Many Hands Make Light Work”.

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