On-demand transit pilot in Thickwood and Taiga Nova

The RMWB has approved the start of the Transit Master Plan (TMP).

The TMP looks to improve five key community issues which cover frequency, routing, hours of service, pedestrian access, as well as snow and ice.

The plan looks to add two high-frequency routes and on-demand services, while improving ridership.

Some of the proposed service types also include specialized transit for riders with barriers to mobility, as well as rural services to areas outside of Fort McMurray.

The plan is outlined in five phases, each taking about a year to complete.

Phase one looks to pilot the on-demand services to Thickwood and Taiga Nova.

Bus stops for Route 61 in Thickwood and Route 18 in Taiga Nova are anticipated to be switched to on-demand stops.

Riders would book the service through an app on their phone with wait times being no longer than neighbourhood route frequencies.

It is unclear when the first phase will start being piloted.

The plan also looks to improve transit infrastructure such as sidewalk connections and upgrading bus stops.

They are also looking to develop a policy for heated shelters.

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