River breakup complete; temporary flood measures to be removed

River breakup is complete.

The RMWB stated there is no longer a significant risk of ice jams causing flooding along the Clearwater and Athabasca rivers in the area.

Regional Fire Chief and RMWB Director of Emergency Management, Jody Butz says we experienced a safe thermal breakup this year, with ice largely melting in place.

“I’d like to thank the entire community for their support in keeping neighbourhoods safe by staying informed and preparing for river breakup. Flooding caused by ice jams is impossible to predict, so we need to be prepared and stay vigilant every spring.”

The Municipality says small ice runs are still expected to pass through, and this is normal and not a concern.

They caution anyone taking part in activities near rivers should still keep a safe distance from shorelines, as riverbanks are still dangerous due to fast-moving water.

The RMWB will begin the removal of the temporary flood mitigation as soon as possible. Clearwater Drive is expected to be fully open by Victoria Day (May Long).

The triple dams will be emptied before being inspected and stored for future use. The interim/clay berms will remain in place until permanent flood mitigation projects are complete, which will continue into the summer.

If you filled a sandbag, it can be dropped off free of charge at the Snye parking lot, and at the end of Father Mercredi Street.

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