Dead wildlife found at oilsands tailings pond

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is investigating Suncor after almost 50 wildlife animals were found deceased at an oilsands tailings pond.

On April 21, Suncor’s wildlife team was conducting one of their regular searches and found 32 birds, one muskrat and one vole.

On April 22, the team found an additional 11 birds, one muskrat, and one bat around the same pond.

The team believes this is not due to a recent event, based on the state of the wildlife.

Eris Rees, a spokesperson for Suncor, said Suncor has a Wildlife Mitigation Program in place to prevent their operations from hurting wildlife.

“At the time of discovery, all bird deterrent systems at Base Plant were active,” says Rees.

“Our Bird Deterrent Programs includes canons, radar, and effigies.”

They said Sunor is initiating an investigation and regulators have been engaged.

The AER post stated how important teamwork will be.

“Collaboration between the AER, Suncor, Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, and Environment and Climate Change Canada to ensure that all safety, wildlife, and environmental requirements are met during the response to the incident.”

“We will continue to assess the situation closely and provide further updates as required.” said the AER.

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