Downtown ARP wants feedback from community

The RMWB is asking for feedback on the draft of the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP).

The ARP wants work done in five categories which cover:

  • Land use
  • Built form
  • Parks and open space
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Heritage, Culture, and Public Art

Land use helps decide what activities will be brought to downtown, such as retail, parks, or education.

Built form deals more with the look of downtown, whether it’s buildings or roads.

Parks and open spaces will have policies that will work to support the open space downtown.

Transportation and mobility will look at car routes, as well as, walking, cycling, or buses.

Heritage, culture, and public art want to highlight the history of the region.


Chris Booth, RMWB Manager of Community Development Planning, compared the draft ARP to taking a road trip. “It’s like a road trip..”, Chris said. “You can’t just get in and go…you need a plan.”

Booth says this plan is for not only the municipality but for visitors and residents as well.

Those looking to learn more can listen to our Fort McMurray Matters interview, here. You can also read the full draft at

The Downtown ARP will also be hosting pop-up events to learn more:

  • Peter Pond Mall – April 21, 2023 (12pm-4pm)
  • Keyano Theatre – April 27, 2023 (7pm-9pm)

If you cannot make it to the events, you can email any questions to [email protected] or complete the poll at

Engagement for the ARP closes on April 30th.

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