Spring load limits start April 15

The spring load limits for gravel roads will be starting on April 15th.

The limits are being lowered to 75 per cent of the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

The GVW is the licensed maximum weight of the vehicle as per the registration. The GVW also includes the weight of trailers or cargo.

The gravel roads with these load limits are:

  • Tower Road, Fort McMurray
  • Aostra Road, West of Suncor off Highway 63
  • West Road, Conklin
  • Stoney Mountain Crossover, Cheecham Hills

Load limits will remain in place until the gravel roads fully thaw out and dry.

There may be other safety measures in place, such as reduced axel weights.

The RMWB wants to remind everyone to follow all posted signs and drive to the conditions.

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