Downtown Sound Walls In Place For New Watermain

The sound reduction walls along Highway 63 will be in place until late spring.


The walls were put in place to help reduce noise from drilling a new watermain between Downtown and Abasand.


The drilling is scheduled to take place 24 hours, 7 days a week until completed.


The RMWB is replacing aging infrastructure with a new large-diameter watermain.


It will be installed using trenchless methods, which create underground tunnels that are slightly larger than the pipe. The pipe will be fused together and pulled from Athabasca Avenue to Saunderson Avenue through a tunnel in the side of Abasand Hill.


Once the drilling is complete, the walls will be removed and construction of a new pressure reduction station will start.


The Saunderson Pressure Reducing Station will improve water flow to communities south of the Urban Service Area and creates opportunities for a back-up water supply in case of emergency.

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