Wood Buffalo Transit Master Plan Under Review

The Transit Master Plan has been presented to Council, with a spotlight on connecting the community.

The proposed plan has three major components that will be implemented over several years.

Some components include two high-frequency core routes, neighbourhood routes to connect to core routes, and on-demand services for low-ridership areas.

The two high-frequency routes will connect Timberlea and Thickwood to Downtown and Keyano College. The buses are proposed to arrive every 15 minutes on weekdays.

On-demand transit is a ride-share program on a non-scheduled basis. Riders can request a trip through an app or by calling the transit service. Software is then used to optimize scheduling while reducing operating costs. This will replace bus services in low-ridership areas.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo hopes this will help the community with fewer transfers and faster arrivals.

Recommendations to improve accessibility and rural transit are also outlined within the plan. They hope to reduce operating costs while maintaining affordability.

No significant changes are currently planned for school routes.

Further review and approval will be held at the April 25th council meeting. Those looking to share their thoughts can register at rmwb.ca/council

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