RMWB Prepares for Melt, Activates WMZ Three and Four

The Municipality is activating Winter Maintenance Zones three and four this week as they are conducting snow removal.

Make sure you check your zone and which day it is active – as on street parking restrictions are in effect.

Crews are also out looking for water pooling and blockages in storm drains.

With all the snow received in March, some pooling of water on streets should be expected as the snow melts.

Once there are consistent warm temperatures, you can report blocked storm drains to The Pulse Line and crews will go inspect it.

If it is blocked, the removal of the snow and ice blocking the drain will be prioritized on the work schedule.

The Tower Road Snow Disposal Site will remain open until April 7, to allow for disposal of recent snowfall. It will close for the season at 6 p.m. on April 7.

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