Greely Road Students Lobby for New Skate Park

A group of students are trying to convince the Municipality to build a skate-park in Gregoire. At Tuesday’s council meeting, Grade 5 and 6 youth from Greely Road School made a passionate presentation to RMWB Council on the need for a new park.

According to their presentation, the proposed skatepark is designed with community members in mind and would provide a variety of amenities to beautify the area while encouraging kids to get outside and partake in physical exercise.

“It’s amazing to see youth invested in their community, neighborhood and municipal government,” said Mayor Sandy Bowman in a Facebook post following the presentation.

Greely Road School’s Principal, Chris Organ, is astounded by his students’ ambitiousness and proactivity to present community initiatives on a municipal level.

“We are so proud of our students for taking this challenge head-on,” says Organ.

“Greely Road School may be a smaller school, but our students do great things.”

Citing reasons ranging from lack of transport options downtown to current skating areas being deemed unsafe by parents, the students believe it is their responsibility to lobby more recreational choices closer to home.

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