RMWB Ready for Pothole Season

The RMWB is driving head-on into pothole season.

The Municipality says April to June is the busiest time for their road repair crews, and in a typical year, the RM fills between 2,000 and 3,000 potholes.

“One to two crews are typically assigned to pothole repair duty, depending on the season,” says Cullen Bird, spokesperson for the RMWB.

“Depending on the location and severity, crews may be sent out immediately or anytime within 48 hours.”

Road maintenance in the RMWB is a cooperative effort at the local and provincial levels.

Municipal crews conduct maintenance on local roads. On provincial highways such as Highway 63, Alberta Transportation is responsible for overseeing roads, including pothole repair.

According to the Municipality, potholes are caused by the asphalt or subbase failing. Once the asphalt cracks or there is a void in the subbase that water can penetrate. The water will go through freeze-thaw cycles in the spring causing the asphalt to pop out. It happens more on roads with higher traffic volumes and heavier loads.

“Major repairs are considered when the cost of maintenance becomes impractical or there are too many potholes,” says Bird.

Anyone wishing to report a pothole should contact Pulse at 780-743-7000 or [email protected]

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