Tucson Flights Unaffected by Flair Aircraft Seizure

Flair Airlines is entering some rough air after four of its leased aircraft were seized in what the airline calls, “a commercial dispute”.

The four jets were grounded in Edmonton, Toronto, and Waterloo, leaving the airline scrambling to accommodate passengers.

The airline, whose headquarters is in Edmonton, bills itself as Canada’s leading ultra-low-cost-carrier. Flair has over 35 destinations across Canada and North America, including direct flights between Fort McMurray and Tucson, Arizona.

A statement from Flair Airlines says they have additional fleet capacity within their company and do not anticipate any major disruptions to its route map.

Jessica Lipton, Manager of Marketing and Communications for the Fort McMurray International Airport says that Flair’s flights from Fort McMurray to Tucson have not been affected.

Flair says the seizure of its aircraft was an extreme and unusual action by the New York Hedge fund from which they lease the jets.

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