WinterPLAY 2023 Enjoyed by Thousands

Friends, family and neighbours celebrated the joys of winter at WinterPLAY, from Feb. 24 to March 5.

From the annual Shoot-out on the Snye to a Trapper’s Tent where festivalgoers listened to traditional Indigenous stories and participated in Dene games, thousands of residents delighted in the festival.

The RMWB says nearly 2,000 people experienced dogsledding. While over 3,000 people took a horse-drawn wagon ride. Nearly 170 people participated in the Shoot-out on the Snye, and the Sugar Shack went through over 12 gallons of hot maple syrup while serving up maple toffee.

The Municipality is asking residents to share their thoughts on the annual winter festival. You can submit your feedback at the RMWB’s website.

Anyone who may have lost items at WinterPLAY has until March 13th to pick them up.

If you believe you have lost something during the event, please contact The Pulse at 780-743-7000

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