Second Father Merc Robotics Team Heading to World Championship in Texas

Father Mercredi High School continues its Robotics domination.

At the provincial VEX Robotics tournament this weekend, team 5706C Cobra Chickenz were undefeated through the qualification rounds earning them second place at the Provincials.

The Cobra Chickenz were selected by the number one team at the Provincials to take on the playoffs together. In an incredibly tight semi-final match their alliance won by one point to make it to the finals and earn them a ticket to the World Championships.

Last month, Father Merc’s robotics team 5706B UnBEARable also secured a spot at the World Championships in robotics after participating in a winning alliance at the Mecha Mayhem Signature event in Calgary.

UnBEARable and CobraChickenz are ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively in the Alberta Skills standings. The teams are now ranked 257th and 430th respectively in the world rankings out of thousands from around the world.

“To have two teams qualify for [the] Worlds in Texas is a great result,” says head robotics coach Tom MacIsaac.

“It was a goal we had set for ourselves this weekend and it was months in the making.”

“The work these students put in is awe inspiring,” says Father Mercredi High School Coach Holly Kalma.

The VEX Robotics World Championships are the largest robotics competition in the world. They will take place from April 25 – May 4 in Dallas, Texas.


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