Companies Still a Long Way From Gender Equality

A leading Canadian advocacy group says that organizations can no longer afford to turn the other way or drag their feet regarding workplace equality.

In their report, “The Tallest Poppy”, Women of Influence+ says almost 90 per cent of women report being penalized or undermined because of their achievements at work.

“Our data tells an eye-opening story about how Tall Poppy Syndrome negatively impacts ambitious, high-performing women, and what this means for organizations,” says Dr. Rumeet Billan, CEO, of Women of Influence+.

The study reveals that over 75 per cent of women report having their achievements downplayed at work, and over 66 percent of women say that others have taken credit for their work.

“Many believe that women are most likely to cut down other women because of their success and ambitions, our data tells a different story,” says Dr. Billan.

The advocacy group says that companies should look at recognizing and retaining top talent as part of their corporate strategies.

Women of Influence+ notes that when a company’s goal is productivity and the impact is the bottom line, it is imperative for organizations to recognize the achievements and efforts of women in the workplace.

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate women’s achievements, recognize discrimination, and take action to drive gender equality. Women of Inspiration’s report, The Tallest Poppy, is available online.

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