Local Helper Raises $9,500 For Senior in Need of Wheelchair

A Fort McMurray senior will soon be enjoying a new electric wheelchair thanks to the generosity of our community and the tenacity of a local Good Samaritan.

Melissa Gladue, who volunteers to help the elderly through the St. Aiden’s society learned that a senior she works with became housebound after her mobility scooter broke down. Vowing to restore the senior’s mobility and improve their quality of life, Gladue took on the challenge of raising $9,500 for a new electric wheelchair.

Gladue started raising money by hosting bottle drives and turning to friends and family. By February 23rd, she had raised around $6,000. Gladue hoped she could find the remaining money in time to purchase the wheelchair and present it to the senior by their birthday in late spring.

Gladue has just started a new job and was worried she wouldn’t have enough time or resources to complete the task. Finding a spark inside of herself, she made a big push. She sold three hundred dessert squares in just 24 hours. Her friends and family came together, and a generous donation from a local business combined to raise the last $3,500 in just four days.

“There has been a magnitude of goodness and acts of kindness throughout this process,” writes Gladue in a thank-you note to the community.

“To the hundreds of donors, friends, family, coworkers, dedicated community members, and those who remain anonymous with their generosity, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Gladue now expects the wheelchair to arrive by early April.

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