New Novel Chronicles Drama of Oil Sands

There’s a new novel about the Alberta Oil Sands written by an award-winning retired journalist. The book titled, The Canada Project, is a fictional work based on the true story of the conflict and drama about the Canadian Oil Sands industry.

The protagonist in the story is a Wall-Street Journalist sent to Alberta and thrust into the high-stakes global battle between resource development and environmentalism. While this is the author’s first foray into fictional writing, the book is already grabbing the attention of critics in the US and Canada.

“First-time novelist Claudia Cattaneo writes an impressive and inquiring story based on fictional characters and experiences gained from her nearly 40 years as a journalist,” says Maureen Payne, APR Communications and Public Affairs Consultant.

“Those near to the industry will be captivated by the story.”

Kim Davies, a retired Oil and Gas CEO, says this novel took her back full force to her life in the industry.

Claudia Cattaneo has received many accolades for her writing, including an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (Canada), a CIM/NRCan Annual Journalism Award for excellence in feature writing, and a Citation of Merit from the National Newspaper Awards for business writing. Claudia lives in Calgary with her husband, Ioan. The Canada Project is her first novel.

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