Winter Maintenance Zones Resume

Winter maintenance subzones are in place in Fort McMurray this week.

Subzones one and two will be active from Monday to Friday and on-street parking restrictions will be in effect.

Subzones three and fur are relaxed during this period but are expected to be active from February 20-24, as subzones are activated on a bi-weekly schedule.

The RMWB is asking you to remove all curb mats, basketball nets, and other personal items from the curb, clear the sidewalks next to your home within 48 hours of a snowfall, follow on-street parking restrictions, park as close as possible to the snowbank on the side of your street, not to shovel snow back on to the street, and keep a safe distance from the equipment.

For the week your subzone is active, on-street parking restrictions are in effect from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. only on your designated day for maintenance.

Every residential street in Fort McMurray is assigned a subzone and one designated weekday for maintenance which you can find on the RMWB website.

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