Chipewyan Prairie First Nation in Crisis

The Chief of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation is calling on the federal government for emergency support for his community.

The First Nation, located just outside of Janvier, is facing an unprecedented deluge of urgent issues ranging from addiction and mental health to basics such as child supports, food, and housing.

“CPFN and our members are at a crossroads – and facing a crisis – and we need the federal government and others to step up,” says Chief Vern Janvier.

The Chief says they have exhausted their own resources in trying to combat the ongoing problems. The CPFN has sent a letter imploring the federal government to live up to their promises of reconciliation, but they say the letter has not sparked federal action.

“We have proactively done what we can to work with the federal government, however, it appears our calls have fallen on deaf ears. If nothing is done, this crisis will only get worse” adds Chief Janvier.

To illustrate the acute problems facing their people, the Chief notes that 10 per cent of their population have succumbed to premature death in the past five years. A number that Chief Janvier says is unsustainable.

Chief Janvier and CPFN are especially concerned about the impacts of the overall situation on youth, children, and the sustainability of the community.

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