Alberta Affordability Action Plan scam making the rounds around the province

The Better Business Bureau is warning Albertans of a new Affordability Payment text scam making the rounds.

Scammers are sending out SMS messages impersonating the Government of Alberta and inviting people to apply for the Alberta Affordability Payments by clicking on a link inside the message. The link takes people to a fraudulent site where they are asked to enter their personal and banking information.

The Alberta government states on its website that it will not send text messages or emails asking Albertans to submit personal or banking information to receive payments.

One example of the text scam received by Albertans says, “Congratulations! You qualified for Alberta’s Affordability Action Plan relief payment. Fill out the secure form linked below to deposit your first payment.”

Consumers are then directed to a banking screen where they are asked to fill in their financial information.

“Scammers are opportunists, and they take advantage of announcements like this to try and get money or personal information that could lead to identity theft,” says Jessie St-Cyr, Media Relations agent for BBB in Edmonton.

In order to receive the affordability payments from the Alberta Government, eligible Albertans must apply through the official Provincial portal.

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