RMWB increases load limits for La Loche and Fort Chipewyan Winter Roads

The RMWB is announcing an increase to the load limits on the La Loche and Fort Chipewyan Winter Roads.

Vehicles up to 27,500 kg are now permitted to travel on the routes.

Vehicles heavier than the posted load limit using the winter road are subject to serious fines and penalties.

Divers of larger loads likely require a permit in order to travel.

There are large sections of the winter road without cellular reception.

The Municipality urges drivers to exercise caution on the winter roads, including:

  • · Stay on the right-hand side of the road, especially on hills.
  • · Reduce speed to 30 km/h when passing equipment on the road.
  • · Be aware of crews working on the road and keep a safe distance.
  • · Stay on the designated route. Traveling off-road is extremely dangerous as there may be thin ice in areas surrounding the road.
  • · Vehicles with high clearance and 4×4 are recommended.
  • · Do not drive during blizzard or whiteout conditions.
  • · Be careful of reduced visibility during high winds and drive slowly to match conditions.
  • · Prepare for emergencies ahead of time. No regular services like road patrol, gas stations, or reliable cell phone coverage exist.
  • · Always inform someone of your travel plans before leaving.

Conditions and restrictions on the winter road can change. Check the following sources for the latest information:

  • · Winter Road Hotline (recorded message) – 866-743-6111
  •  · Sign up for email updates at subscribe.rmwb.ca
  • · RMWB Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • · Pulse – 780-743-7000, toll free 1-800-973-9663 or online.

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