‘Never seen a supply shortage as bad as it is now’: Local Pharmacy awaiting supply from Alberta Government

Health Canada is approving the Children’s medicine Alberta purchased from Turkey.

In December, Minister of Health, Jason Coping, announced the purchase of 5 million bottles of children’s pain and fever medicine from Atabay Pharmaceuticals in Turkey, but that medicine can’t come soon enough for one Fort McMurray Pharmacy.

Bakir Khalil, Managing Pharmacist at The Commons Pharmacy has gone so far as to hire someone just to chase down and order available medications.

Having practiced since 2008, Kahlil says he has never seen a supply shortage as bad as it is now.

While drug store aisles are often empty of over-the-counter medication, Khalil has even seen the drug shortage extend to Amoxicillin, an antibiotic that is considered an essential medicine according to the World Health Organization.

Although the Government of Alberta says help is coming, Khalil says he hasn’t received any information on how or when.

For parents and patients seeking help, Compounding Pharmacies in Alberta can make certain formulations on-site. Khalil suggests seeking out a Compounding Pharmacy if over-the-counter medicines are not readily available. Khalil also strongly advises patients and parents to contact a pharmacist before giving children any adult medication.

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