Fort Chipewyan Winter Road load limit increased to 15,000 kg

The RMWB is increasing the winter road load limit to Fort Chipewyan.

Vehicles that weigh less than 15,000 kg will now be allowed to travel on the route.

The Municipality is reminding you to follow all the traffic rules and the additional risks that are present when using the winter road.

Speeding on the winter road can pose significant risks to the area.

Fast-moving vehicles can build a wave under the ice that can easily damage the road and break ice suddenly when the wave strikes the shoreline, a sandbar or collides with a wave from a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction,” stated the RMWB in a press release.

The Fort Chipewyan Winter Road opened on December 16 for vehicles less than 5,000 kg.

Stay up-to-date with the winter road hotline (866-743-6111), winter roads webpage, signing up for email alerts, following the RMWB on Facebook and Twitter, or the Pulse line.

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