RMWB wayfinding project enters phase 2

The Municipality’s wayfinding project is entering its second phase after hearing from community members about what kind of changes they would like to see in how they navigate the city.

Wayfinding is a directional guide that helps citizen navigate their way throughout the city, such as banners, signs, landmarks, or anything that can easily visually identify where someone is or needs to go.

Majority of respondents over the summer indicated that the top three most important aspects of wayfinding was directional signage, consistency, and readability.

Following community feedback the Municipality has now integrated everything they’ve heard into various wayfinding prototypes.

Several prototypes have been installed throughout the downtown area for public viewing and a mapping tool is available to help locate where each sign variant can be found.

Community members are encouraged to provide input on the new sign’s visual representation of size, colour, font, and icons used.

Deadline to participate in the discussion is Oct. 9.

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