Rubber Duck Drop raises over $19,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wood Buffalo

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wood Buffalo’s (BBBSWB) 22nd annual Rubber Duck Race has raised over $19,000 and could become an annual Rubber Duck Drop.

Each year BBBSWB relies on funds raised through the event to help provide the resources needed for mentorship services to help young people who are facing adversity.

In previous years a dump truck would empty up to 2000 ducks into a man-made river with the first duck to cross the finish line being crowned the winner.

This year added a twist, by dropping all purchased ducks from a helicopter with the rubber duck at the bottom of the bucket or closest to it be made the victor.

“You were so close to the helicopter. It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen,” said Jennifer Waye, Community Engagement and Events Coordinator with BBBSWB explaining the duck drop.

Monday’s fundraising provided a net profit of $19,200.

“It will go toward our programming for the rest of the year. We hit $17,000 last year, so it was nice for it to go up and raise some more,” said Waye.

She noted that their partnership with Vortex Helicopters Inc. went so well, that ducks will continue falling from the sky.

“It’s definitely going to turn into the Rubber Duck Drop.”

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