Fire ban in effect for the Fort McMurray Forest Area- North

The wildfire danger level in the Fort McMurray Forest Area is considered very high overall, however, the area surrounding Lake Athabasca and north is in extreme fire danger and has been placed under a fire ban.

Six wildfires are burning in the area, all having been caused by lightning, and all are considered held at this time.

Most of the fires are in remote areas and pose no threat to communities or resources, so Alberta Wildfire is allowing them to burn naturally under the watchful eye of experienced fire managers.

A wildfire named MWF031 has been deemed a wildfire of note in the area.

It has reached over 10,000 ha in size and is located a mere 21 km north of Fort Chipewyan on the edge of Flett Lake.

The growth of the fire has not moved south and therefore has not moved any closer to the airport.

A total of 32 firefighters and five helicopters are assigned to wildfire MWF031 and stationed in the community of Fort Chipewyan. Additional aircraft are available if needed in Fort McMurray according to Alberta Wildfire.

Special air quality statements are in effect for the following areas of Fort Chipewyan- Wood Buffalo National Park:

  • R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Clausen’s Landing and Chipewyan 201FG
  • R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Colin-Cornwall Lakes Prov. Park
  • R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Fitzgerald and La Butte Creek
  • R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Fort Chipewyan and Sand Point
  • R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Namur River and Namur Lake Reserves
  • R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Old Fort Chipewyan 201 and 201ABCDE
  • Wood Buffalo Nat. Park near Garden River and Thebacha Trail
  • Wood Buffalo Nat. Park near Hay Camp and Ninishith Hills
  • Wood Buffalo Nat. Park near Peace Point and Lake Claire
  • Wood Buffalo Nat. Park west of the Fifth Meridian

Individuals in those areas may experience symptoms such as increased coughing, throat irritation, headaches, or shortness of breath.

Wildfire smoke is causing poor air quality and visibility issues with severities that can vary from hour to hour.

The smoke is expected to remain north of the community of Fort Chipewyan.

All wildfires in the province can be tracked on the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard.

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