Meeting your artistic match in Fort McMurray

Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) recently hosted an event that sees individuals go from table to table every five minutes sharing their passions with people to meet like-minded personalities and no it’s not speed dating.

Arts Match is a free networking event that aims to bring members of the arts community together to create artistic connections.

First launching in 2019, Arts Match like many things in the country had to be put on hold during the pandemic.

Sahar Saifee, Communications Coordinator with ACWB says that they changed things up slightly from what it was in 2019.

“When we first started arts match, it was organizations that would come and speak at tables with artists from the region and it was just a five-minute discussion between the organizations and the artists,” said Saifee.

During this year’s first Arts Match on June 16, attendees were given the chance to speak with each other for five minutes with available talking prompts to help initiate conversation.

Saifee noted that any individuals with a passion for art were welcome to join. “Anyone can take part, as long as you’re interested in the arts and you’re an art enthusiast you’re invited.”

She commented that the ACWB intends to have another Arts Match in September.

“We have a lot of people who have just come into the region and some people have left, so it’s a good opportunity for people to start meeting each other again.”

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