RCMP promoting ATV safety through new campaign

Fort Chipewyan RCMP is launching an ATV safety campaign and enhanced enforcement initiative in the region.

The initiative will focus on driver/rider education and warnings through a ‘stop-and-talk’ approach, with some cases leading to further enforcement.

“In Fort Chipewyan, a large part of the community drive their ATVs on the road/ highway without knowing the laws surrounding them,” says Sgt. David Davis.

“Very few in the community know the age restrictions, safety requirements, or licensing requirements to operate these machines. We are trying to teach the difference between operating in town, on the highway, or on a trail/cutline.”

The Mounties say that majority of deaths and injuries sustained by users of off-road vehicles are preventable, and some common factors include high speed, alcohol or drug impairment, and lack of safety equipment.

The Fort Chipewyan RCMP stated that the main goal is to provide education on safety but those who continue to not follow the rules of the road can expect to be ticketed and have their ATVs seized.

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