Flair Airlines no longer at risk of losing operating license

Many residents in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo have been jumping at the opportunity to once again be able to travel abroad with air travel restrictions being increasingly lifted.

Fort McMurray International Airport announced in late March that Flair Airlines were returning to Fort McMurray and offering cheap flights to Tucson, Arizona.

The excitement was spoiled when an investigation began by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) investigating whether Flair Airlines met the Canadian ownership requirements.

If they didn’t, it could have halted their operations in Canada.

As of June 1, Flair Airlines has been deemed Canadian by the CTA and anyone wishing to travel to Tucson from Fort McMurray should see no disruptions.

A press release was sent out on behalf of Fort McMurray Airport Authority President & CEO, RJ Steenstra stating that this announcement paired with selling out flights to Tucson this winter, puts YMM in a better position to attract new air services.

“This is welcomed news, as Flair’s operating license is no longer at risk and we can now market our new, direct flights to Tucson, Arizona with 100% confidence,” said Steenstra.

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