Fort McMurray couple compete in HGTV’s “Battle on the Beach”

This Sunday you’ll be able to watch two Fort McMurray locals compete in HGTV’s renovation/competition series Battle on the Beach Season two.

Local real estate agents Paige and Corey Cyr were whisked away to Galveston, Texas for five weeks, from February to March to compete against two other teams in the renovation competition.

In the television show Battle on the Beach three teams are given three identical beach houses to be renovated.

The team that has the highest appraised house in the end wins the grand prize of $50,000.

The married couple are the first Canadians to ever be on the show.

“Representing all of Canada is pretty intense,” Paige said.

With a love for housing, the pair have worked hard over the years in Fort McMurray both renovating homes and selling them; also sharing this passion on social media.

Paige commented that they don’t know how they got on the show. “Someone reached out to us on our Instagram and casually said ‘Hey, HGTV Exec here, interested in being in a renovation challenge show?”

“We thought it was some kind of joke,” remarked Corey.

After their discussion with HGTV it was months before they heard back, they believed they didn’t get it.

“They called us back and said ‘Can you be here in a couple weeks?’ Then they called back a few hours later and said, ‘Just kidding can you be here in two days?’” Paige explained.

“Luckily, we had family and friends that could take care of our pets and our work for us.”

Corey expressed how much he appreciated the experience, but said it was so stressful he’d never want to do it again.

While working in such a stressful environment with your spouse, some couples could start to lash out at one another, Corey and Paige commented that they don’t believe they did.

“We’ll see, we had a few days where we had a couple blowouts, I don’t think it was directed at each other,” Corey joked.

“For whatever reason I feel like there was more drama in the other houses,” Paige added.

If you want to see how Paige and Corey did on Battle on the Beach, the show airs Sunday evenings on HGTV.

Coldwell Banker Fort McMurray, in partnership with YMM Media and the Fort McMurray Golf Club, are inviting residents to the Fort McMurray Golf Club on Sunday June 5, at 6:00 p.m. to take part in the premiere.

Cory and Paige will be in attendance to watch the show and answer any questions about their experience.

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