Seven schools within FMPSD welcoming new principals

The FMPSD is reorganizing its school leadership team at more than a handful of schools in the region.

Seven employees will now be starting the new academic year at a new school.

  • Chris Organ will be moving back to his previous assignment at Greely Road Public School
  • Roxanne Fudge is heading to Westwood Community High School
  • Dave Parsons will be leading Dave McNeilly Public School
  • Tifanie Book is moving to Thickwood Heights Public School
  • Mark Dolmont is heading to École McTavish Public High School
  • Thomas Andrews is leading Walter and Hill Gladys Hill Public School
  • Bobbi Compton is moving to Dr. Clark Public School

“These are seasoned FMPSD leaders. We know they’ll be amazing,” noted Annalee Nutter, Superintendent, FMPSD.

“Thank you for your continuous dedication and diligence as you work hard for our students, staff, and families.”

The new school year starts on August 29, 2022.

Principals 2022-2023

From L-R: Chris Organ, Roxanne Fudge, Dave Parsons, Tifanie Book, Mark Dolmont, Thomas Andrews, Bobbi Compton. // photo supplied by the FMPSD

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