Fort McMurray receiving over $1.5 million to help newcomers to Canada

Newcomers to Canada will be receiving additional aid from the Federal Government after it was announced $14 million would be invested to expand critical resettlement capacity and settlement services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Fort McMurray will see roughly $1.5 million put toward providing a new Resettlement Assistance Program service provider.

Jeffrey MacDonald, Communications Officer, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada told Mix News that the Young Men’s Christian Association of Edmonton will receive $1,152,948 in funding for resettlement services as well as $464,381 in funding to build case management capacity.

Resettlement and Case Management services will now be provided by The Young Men’s Christian Association of Edmonton in Fort McMurray.

“Under the Resettlement Assistance Program, the Government of Canada helps government-assisted refugees and other eligible clients when they first arrive in Canada by providing direct financial support and funding the provision of immediate and essential services such as accommodations, banking and social insurance number applications,” MacDonald said.

According to StatCan, Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is above both the federal and provincial average for individuals reporting to be an immigrant.

In the 2016 census, 22.2 per cent of the population of Wood Buffalo reported they were a landed immigrant or permanent resident of Canada, while Alberta sat at 21.2 per cent and 21.9 per cent in Canada.

“Canada is recognized as a world leader when it comes to settlement and integration for newcomers,” MacDonald explained.

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