Controlled burning taking place in Fort McMurray to reduce wildfire risk

Residents may catch the smell of smoke in the air over the next couple of weeks in Fort McMurray as the Regional Emergency Services (RES) begins controlled burning.

Fire and smoke may likely be visible throughout the community, which is normal during the controlled burn.

RES will be prioritizing the areas of Thickwood, Eagle Ridge, Taiga Nova, and Parsons North.

It’s recommended that anyone living near the controlled burns close their windows to keep smoke from entering their home.

Controlled burning in Fort McMurray is expected to be complete by the end of May.

Annual spring burning is an important way of removing dead and dry surface fuels that could increase the risk of wildfire in the region.

According to Alberta Wildfire, 33 per cent of wildfires in the Fort McMurray Forest Area last year were caused by residents and recreationists.

Wildfires in Alberta can now be tracked through the Alberta Governments’ new Wildfire Dashboard.

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