Vulnerable Persons Registry available for those needing extra help during an emergency

Applications are open for residents of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo who may require additional aid during an emergency.

The Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) is a program that helps emergency services know where a vulnerable person is, and if they may require additional aid.

“It allows emergency services to pre-recognize where that person is, and we can go there ahead of an anticipated evacuation to get those people to a safe area,” says Regional Fire Chief, Jody Butz.

The program is voluntary and ‘extremely confidential’ according to Butz.

During the 2020 floods, the Regional Fire Chief commented that about 14 registrants were safely moved from the Downtown area a day prior to the emergency.

He stated that the program doesn’t always need to be used during an emergency.

“Some folks are bound by medical oxygen in their home. It doesn’t have to be an evacuation, but what if the power goes out for six hours. That’s a significant event,” explained Butz.

“Now that it’s here, this program isn’t going to go away.”

Anyone needing to use the program can register on the RMWB website.

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