RMWB officially declares river breakup

River breakup has officially been declared by the RMWB.

The Clearwater and Athabasca rivers no longer pose a significant risk of ice jams that could cause flooding, said the RMWB in a press release sent out Sunday evening.

Jody Butz, RMWB Director of Emergency Management and Regional Fire Chief, is giving thanks to the community for keeping the neighbourhoods safe and informed.

“Flooding caused by ice jams is impossible to predict so we need to be prepared and stay vigilant every spring,” said Butz.

“Our level of preparation has increased since 2020 and we will continue to use temporary measures until the permanent flood mitigation work is complete.”

The removal of temporary flood mitigation is underway, with Clearwater Drive expected to be re-opened on May 20.

The RMWB notes that the temporary clay berms will stay in place until permanent mitigation is complete.

The Municipality is reminding citizens that riverbanks are still dangerous and anyone taking part in activities near the rivers should exercise caution and keep a safe distance.

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