Flair Airlines claims Fort McMurray flights to Tucson will see no disruption amidst CTA investigation

Flair Airlines has claimed there will be no disruptions to flights from Fort McMurray to Tucson, Arizona amidst a Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) investigation.

The investigation is looking into whether the company meets Canadian ownership requirements of having at least 51 per cent of its voting interests owned and controlled by Canadians or 25 per cent by a single entity.

If the CTA finds they do meet the standard of Canadian control, they could halt their operations in Canada.

Mike Arnot principal of Juliett Alpha, a media relations and communications firm representing Flair Airlines stated that it is “not going to happen.”

He explained they will be holding a press conference on Thursday at 11:00 am to address concerns.

“There is some wild reporting out there about Flair, that is inaccurate and sensationalist and frankly, coming directly from Flair’s competitors,” Arnot said. “Flair wouldn’t announce Fort McMurray to Tucson if it wasn’t confident in the route and operations.”

Arnot stated that they have seen a large interest in Fort McMurray for point-to-point flying and that “people have responded.”

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