Brian Jean withdraws arbitration dispute with UCP board

MLA Brian Jean has withdrawn his arbitration dispute with the UCP board regarding the upcoming UCP leadership review.

On March 23, the UCP announced that due to the increase of registered voters, the April 9 leadership review would be done through a mail-in-ballot.

Jean called the ruling a “travesty” that could result in fraudulent votes.

“This rule exists to make sure that no one votes who is not actually present at the meeting. It is an anti-cheating mechanism,” said Jean.

Premier Jason Kenney’s campaign team denied any allegation of wrongdoing.

On April 8 MLA Brian Jean announced that the leadership review had gone on too long and that it was time to let the members vote.

“Because of political games this process has gone on too long as it is. It is time to let the members vote,” said Jean. “I am confident that if the voting process is fair, Jason Kenney will not get a survivable number from this list of voters.”

UCP party president, Cynthia Moore confirmed that the leadership review will be made public on May 18.

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