FMPSD feels new curriculum is not in the best interest of students

Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) has sent a letter to Alberta’s Minister of Education, asking to delay the release of the new curriculum set to come out in Sept.

The provincial government announced that students would be taught the new curriculum in mathematics, English language arts, and physical education this fall.

Fort McMurray’s school board concerns echo the feeling of many others in the Alberta Teacher’s Association (ATA).

A poll taken by the ATA last month showed that only three per cent of teachers felt they had sufficient resources to implement the draft successfully.

Dated March 24, a letter from the FMPSD to Minister Adriana LaGrange states that “there is an overwhelming feeling amongst our staff, parents, and trustees that it is not in the best interests of our students and/or our staff to introduce any new curriculum at this time.”

Linda Mywaart, FMPSD Board Chair, says that they want the curriculum to be both delayed, and to go through further revisions.

“We’ve had a good opportunity to converse with the minister, and I always remain hopeful that they will hear what stakeholders are saying, and perhaps take a different direction,” Mywaart said.

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