Over 800 vehicles towed in WMZs this winter season

This winter season saw heavier snowfall than Fort McMurray residents had seen in decades according to Environment Canada, and with it, over 800 vehicles were towed in active Winter Maintenance Zones (WMZs).

During the winter months, residential areas are divided into four subzones for snow clearing. Those are then divided into areas that are active during specific days of the week.

Any vehicles left parked on the street in an active zone are towed to make way for municipal crews to work.

There were 1003 parking tickets and warning citations issued during the 2021-22 winter season, and 861 vehicles towed in active WMZs.

Funds collected through parking tickets are used to offset the municipalities Bylaw Services.

Communications Strategist with the RMWB Cullen Bird, says that it’s difficult to say the total amount of fees and fines that were collected.

Bird explained that numerous tickets are still unresolved, and residents can have their fees reduced by 40 percent if they pay within seven days.

“This winter season has been more challenging than others because of record snowfall and other weather-related factors.  In general, compliance with on-street parking restrictions has been worse this winter compared to previous ones,” Bird stated in an email.

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