WMZ crews conducting second snow removal operation of the season

Winter maintenance crews are staying busy this season with the constant snowfall.

According to the RMWB, crews are now on their second snow removal operation of the season, and every street in the WMZ program has been completed once in the new year.

In an email to Mix News, the RMWB stated that if a street is missed when their subzone is active, the missed street will be prioritized the next time the subzone is active but is not guaranteed to receive maintenance then.

The Municipality also states that there will be times when a subzone is active and no maintenance occurs on a particular street – especially during a snow removal operation.

The RMWB notes that snow removal takes considerably longer than snow plowing, and this seasons snow removal process has been greatly slowed down due to various factors out of their control (freezing rain, ice, extreme cold, and new snowfall), with cars left on the street causing the biggest delay.

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