RMWB Council approves $570 million Budget

The RMWB has approved the Budget for 2022, coming in under $600 million.

Totaling $570 million, with $442 million going towards operations and $128 million to be transferred to reserves for capital and other purposes.

“The 2022 Budget is an important one for this region,” said Mayor Sandy Bowman.

“It will play a positive role in supporting communities and the local economy and businesses in a way that is fiscally responsible and sustainable.”

The RMWB states in a press release that the approved Budget supports the RMWB’s priorities with a focus on building safe and inclusive communities, improving services and infrastructure, and regional economic development, while also ensuring long-term financial sustainability.

2022 operating spending commitments:

  • $64 million for environmental services, including water, wastewater, and landfill services
  • $47 million for police support and bylaw services
  • $43 million in direct community support for local non-profit organizations, including municipal facility operators. (Decisions on two grant applications have been deferred to the March 8 Council meeting)
  • $43 million for fire and ambulance services
  • $21 million for parks and outdoor recreation spaces
  • $20 million for road maintenance

2022 capital spending commitments:

  • Rural Water and Sewer Service: $180 million for construction and $49 million for service connections total budget. / $2 million for service connections in 2022
  • Flood mitigation design and construction: $125 million total budget / $17 million in 2022
  • Waterfront Park: $30 million total budget / $15 million in 2022
  • Fort Chipewyan Airport runway rehabilitation: $17.7 million total budget / $16 million in 2022
  • Fort McKay Community Centre: $12.6 million total budget / $3 million in 2022

According to the RMWB, the Budget for 2022 comes in $2 million more than the Budget for 2021 and supports the continued commitment to achieving a 5:1 tax ratio.

The Municipality states that since 2017 the overall budget has been reduced by $270 million.

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