World Hijab Day Fort McMurray is returning

World Hijab Day was first launched 10 years ago by Nazma Khan on February 1st in New York. For the purpose of celebrating the Hijab, the Islamic headscarf worn by Muslin girls and women.  

As of today, that unity is represented in over 150 countries, including right here in Fort McMurray for the 8th annual World Hijab Day. 

“World Hijab Day is important to be recognized in Fort McMurray because this is a vibrantly diverse community. We have always celebrated our multicultural society, and having the Hijab celebrated in solidarity with Muslim women means the world to us.” – Sundas Shamshad, President, World Hijab Day YMM. 

For the first time, men will also have the opportunity to be a part of something that is pushing for inclusiveness and unity.  

The decision came from the main event in New York. And we wanted to follow suit to be as inclusive as possible. Because this year we are having a social media campaign, it is easy to participate from the comfort of your home. So, including men adds to our voice to call for action. Just a reminder that men are invited to wrap winter scarves around their neck, only women cover their heads.” – Sundas Shamshad. 

The social media campaign is a great way for individuals to connect, not only in similarities, but the differences that make us so unique. Participants can share their selfies via: 

Twitter: @WHDYMM 

Instagram: @worldhajibdayymm  

Facebook: World Hijab Day Fort McMurray 

Just make sure to use the following hashtag – #DressednotOpressed 

The 8th annual World Hijab Day YMM maybe online this year, but it’s still an opportunity to embark change, not only here but around the world.  

“By showing up for each other, by expressing solidarity. And, by respecting our differences. Together, we can build a world of harmony – it’s not a myth, nor a naive desire for Utopia, it is about choosing to understand. On February 6, we invite everyone to show solidarity with Muslim women and show up on social media.” – Sundas Shamshad.  

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