COVID-19 cases in Fort McMurray have more than tripled

During the first COVID 19 update of the year Premier Jason Kenny said that no new restriction will be put into place, but they are continuing to monitor the virus closely.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw commented that the new Omicron variant is showing signs of not being as deadly as previous ones, and that it’s “tempting to not take seriously” but stated that the positivity rate is still around 30%.

Hinshaw was also asked the question if AHS will change there reporting in hospital cases to show who is there because of COVID and who is there for something else and just so happens to also have COVID.

She said doing so will be difficult, but they are looking into it.

In the province there are now 34,276 active cases and 436 in hospital.

Here in Fort McMurray active cases skyrocketed to 280 with 21 in the rural area.

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