Local Fort McMurray family lose home in fire

This Christmas holiday left one Fort McMurray family without a home after their place burned to the ground during the extremely cold temperatures.

Bruce and Jessica Drover have been staying with family after their house burnt to the ground on boxing day.

Drover explained that they’d been struggling to keep their water pipes from freezing in their mobile home during the chilling -40 temperatures.

She and her husband work on site so her father had been watching their three children while they were at work.

After their pipes had frozen up again Jessica Drover said that her husband ended up taking the day off work to attempt to thaw out the frozen pipes and get their water running again.

Drover commented that some equipment had gone down at her work and her company were sending some individuals home, which she volunteered for to help at the house.

She said she had enough time to clean up a bit of the dishes before she noticed smoke building up in the living room.

Drover noted her husband went under the trailer to attempt to put it out but said it was too late as the entire underneath had caught fire.

All three children where safe at their grandparents and they were able to save two of their dogs and two cats, but one cat unfortunately didn’t make it.

Jessica Drover had said that due to the age of the trailer it was not insured.

Family friend Krystal Higgins has started a Go Fund Me to help support the Drover family at this time.

“I’ve been crying all morning about the donations that have been coming in, and with the love and support we have. It’s not even just friends and family but people I’ve never met coming to support us. It’s incredible,” Jessica Drover had explained regarding the amount of generosity coming forward.

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