Fort Chipewyan Winter Road open to light vehicles

The Fort Chipewyan Winter Road has officially opened to light vehicles on Dec. 22, at noon.

Municipal crews are continuing their work on the road to ensure that vehicles heavier than 5,000 kg will be able to travel safely.

Anyone planning to travel to Fort Chipewyan are being advised to bring enough gas to get there and back.

It cannot be guaranteed that vehicles will be able to fuel up there, so either your vehicle has a large enough fuel tank, or you bring jerry cans, make sure you have enough.

The municipality has sent out a notice that crews may not have signage up for every hazard on the road so to drive with caution.

They’ve also made a list of recommendations for driving the newly opened road:

  • High clearance 4×4 vehicles are strongly recommended.
  • Always exercise caution
  • Stay on the right-hand side of the road, especially on hills.
  • Reduce speed to 30 km/h when passing equipment in the sandhills.
  • Stay on the designated route. Travelling off road is extremely dangerous as there may be thin ice in areas surrounding the road.
  • Prepare for emergencies ahead of time. There are no regular services like road patrol, gas stations or reliable cell phone coverage.
  • Always inform someone of your travel plans before leaving.


For additional information on the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road go to the website or call 1-866-743-6111 for a pre-recorded message on its status.

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