Wood Buffalo council waiving business license fees to help with flood recovery

In April of last year substantial damage was caused to multiple homes and businesses due to flooding throughout Fort McMurray and as such, many of them required Development and Safety Code permits from the municipality to undertake their properties recovery.

Yesterday council passed the motion to waive the business license fees, and the fees for any flood recovery construction that is still required in the flood recovery zones.

The RMWB will also be reimbursing anyone that had paid since August.

Administration commented during yesterday’s meeting that there are roughly 1800 businesses seeking a licence renewal, and that waiving the Resident Business License fees will result in a loss of approximately $110,000.

Mayor Sandy Bowman had stated that they want to look out for their people and do what they can to help, “We really want to support our local people and support the businesses that are struggling at this time and do what we can to help them out.”

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