Superintendent of FMPSD moving on after Dec. 10

After serving in possibly two of the most difficult years Fort McMurray has seen, Jennifer Turner, Superintendent of the Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) will be moving on from the role on Dec. 10.

Turner says she has found a new position at the University of Calgary as the Director of Wellbeing in Education.

“I recently lost my mom, and my family needs more of me. I didn’t know what that meant, then had this opportunity,” she explained that she will not be leaving her passion for education.

“I had loved every moment of my time here with Fort McMurray and as their superintendent.”

Working 30 years in K-12 public education and eight years as an assistant superintendent in another school division, Turner came to Fort McMurray as Superintendent for the first time in her career, beginning in Feb. 2020.

She had arrived just prior to the spring floods and merely a month before COVID-19 lockdowns began sweeping across the country.

“Whether you’re a new superintendent or an experienced one, that’s a substantial piece of work.”

Speaking to Mix 103.7 Turner noted that there were many things she was proud of in her time here, and that it’s difficult to pick just one thing.

“We’ve had tremendous success in STEM, coding, spelling bee winners in national competitions and scholarships. Most recently the Mama Mia presentation that happened at Keyano Theatre. The kids are continuing to excel in areas that they are passionate in. Teaching and learning at such a challenging time, has been both hard and very rewarding.”

“I’ve loved the opportunity to get to know Fort McMurray better.”

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