RMWB is reminding you to be fire safe during the holiday months

The RMWB is providing you with some tips to help stay safe during the winter and holiday months.

Tanya Balducci, RMWB Emergency Services Senior Fire Inspector, says fire safety is a year long task, especially in winter.

When purchasing a real tree, Balducci says to make sure to buy a fresh tree, water it every day and to keep it away from heat sources like fireplaces and air vents.

“When purchasing an artificial tree, it is good to look for a label that indicates the tree is fire resistant,” says Balducci.

She notes when using an extension cord, to make sure they’re not damaged, and to look for cracks or exposed wires, which could lead to a fire.

When using an extension cord to plug in your car, she says to make sure it is rated for outdoor use.

Balducci also warns to not plug one extension cord into another, or a power block/strip.

“You could be overheating the extension cord, and they are only rated for a certain amount of power. So when you take too much power from that cord, it could over heat and cause a fire.”

Balducci says checking and testing your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms is something you should do every month to make sure they work all year round.

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