New QR code needed to travel within Canada and abroad

Alberta has updated its proof of vaccination QR code to help meet the recommended Canadian standard for local and international travel

Anyone wishing travel within Canada or abroad will need to use the updated QR code that went into effect on Nov. 24.

If you don’t intend to travel, the QR code you already have will be fine to be used in businesses and venues taking part in the Restriction Exemption Program.

Vaccination rates in Fort McMurray currently stands at 83.8% of ages 12 and up. The province has not begun showing vaccination rates for the currently added age group of 5-11.

For your COVID-19 update:

As of Nov. 23, the total amount of hospitalizations due to the virus went up slightly to 470 (+7).

ICU numbers also dropped to 98 (-1).

There are 5,033(-278) active cases in Alberta, while cases in Fort McMurray continue to drop now sitting at 66 (-13), and 3 (0) in the rural areas.

The 7-day rolling average positivity rate across the province is 5.03 per cent, meanwhile in the North Zone it is 10 per cent.

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