Wood Buffalo local named to Coalition’s Advisory Committee

Local Manager for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Caitlin Downie, has been named to the advisory committee for the Coalition for Inclusive Municipalities for a second term in 2021.

The committee provides feedback to the Canadian Commission for UNESCO on ways to reinforce their network locally, regionally and nationally while working with municipalities to eliminate racism and discrimination.

“The advisory committee is kind of the sense of direction for Coalition for Inclusive Municipalities,” explained Downie, regarding what they are. “It’s made of representatives from other municipalities, but they also have advocates at the table, as well as representatives from grassroot organizations that undertake work as well.”

Wood Buffalo has been a member of the coalition since 2006.

In that time, Downie noted that they’ve adopted a diversity and inclusion plan which she stated really guides the work, such as undertaking different policy changes within the municipality.

Most recently this fall, the group announced the equity and inclusion office.

“It’s an interdepartmental committee within the municipality and they work to identify systemic barriers while developing and implementing different programs and initiatives throughout the organization.”

Downie mentioned that in some ways the Wood Buffalo region is unique in the fact that it’s a younger community that has unique challenges, but also unique opportunities.

“I think what makes us different is we have a seat at this national table that is really a platform to move this work forward.”

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